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Osmanaga Mahallesi Misak-i Milli Caddesi Kirmizi Kusak Sokak No:9 Kadikoy, Стамбул, Турция

Телефон: +90 216 336 44 94
RUYAM HOTEL is one of the oldest hotels in Kadiky. Our hotel which has been running for 40 years was renewed to years ago in order to serve better for its customers. The mentality of smiling face-service is the only which does not change in RUYAM HOTEL in which everything from beds, curtains, floorings to doors was renewed. Thus, slogan clearly states what the hotel promise for customers: Quality and smiling-face combined, service became beautiful…

The matter of security is as import as hygiene in RUYAM HOTEL. There are fire alarm system on every floors including hotel lobby and are smoke detector in every hotel room hotel in order not to risk self-security of our customers. This device which is sensitive for even heavy smoke removes that risk. Furthermore, there are fires exits with indicated signs and extinguishers for emergency on every floors. There is standard fire stairs available on external facade of hotel.

Lastly, RUYAM HOTEL reduced the question of how and where to go to the least with its central location. It presents you the advantage of not wasting time on the roads with its location near land, sea and air transportation vehicles. By choosing to stay in RUYAM HOTAL, you will save time and also you will be at ease in economical conditions with the best service.

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